3 – Closer to my Dream: A Player’s Perspective

Camper’s Thoughts: Silas Rogers, 15 Everyone always told me to keep my head up on the ice to look our for a pass but then they told me put my head down and work harder in practice… What gives? After every game or practice my mom would always talk to me about my game: “You… Continue reading 3 – Closer to my Dream: A Player’s Perspective

1 – Tech in a Rink, Come on?

Our little learning community was tasked with implementing a one-to-one device program at a high performance hockey clinic in July of 2004. We took on our little project and by using 21st Century learning skills and techniques we were able to successfully implement our program. Collaboration, sharing knowledge, project-based learning, learning communities and students as experts were some of the 21st Century techniques we drew upon to ensure success.

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